Springfield Criminal DUI Defense Lawyer

Experience With Illinois Drunk Driving Law

Each state handles DUIs differently. Your most valuable tool in fighting a drunk driving case is an attorney with experience handling these cases in Illinois. I am defense attorney W. Scott Hanken, and I regularly handle standard DUI cases, as well as felony DUI and aggravated DUI cases. Some of my knowledge of the system comes from my time prosecuting these cases for Sangamon County.

Every DUI charge is a serious case, and I give my personal attention and focus to every client. Because I have fought so many drunk driving charges on behalf of my clients, I know the best approach to take on each case. I develop a personalized plan for clients based on their criminal history and the particular facts of their case.

Aggressive Central Illinois DUI Attorney

Being charged with drunk driving poses a risk to your freedom. Even your first DUI can result in up to a year in jail. The secondary effects of a DUI charge are huge as well. You will face a statutory summary driver's license suspension, which goes into effect automatically in 45 days if you do not challenge it.

The costs of a DUI charge range from hefty fines to lost wages for court appearances to missed work as a result of a license suspension. If you are required to have a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) installed in your car, you will be responsible for all the costs associated with installation and maintenance of the device.

As an experienced and aggressive lawyer, I will do all I can to minimize the damage of your drunk driving charge. You cannot afford to take your case lightly.

Felony DUI

There are situations that can result in a drunk driving case being charged as a felony. When this occurs, the skill of your criminal defense lawyer is of heightened importance. Some of the factors that can cause a DUI to be charged as a felony are:

  • Prior DUI convictions
  • If you had a suspended license at the time
  • If you did not have insurance at the time
  • If your driving resulted in great bodily harm or death

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