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Even minor traffic tickets may have severe consequences

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Traffic Ticket Defense |

There are many different types of moving violations that may result in traffic tickets in Illinois. Speeding, reckless driving and illegal lane usage are just a few of the driving behaviors that lead to tickets and driver’s license points. 

While most people are familiar with the immediate penalties of getting a traffic ticket, such as paying a fine, there may be long-term consequences as well. 

Fines and points 

Many minor traffic offenses, such as lane change and stop sign violations, lead to fines. An individual may also have to attend driving school. However, other moving violations, such as excessive speeding or driving on a revoked license, fall under the category of misdemeanors. Penalties for misdemeanors may include jail time as well as fines. Three moving violations within a year may lead to a license suspension. 

Distracted driving is another example of dangerous behavior behind the wheel. As an Illinois Public Media article reports, the state laws changed in 2019 to make the first texting and driving offense a moving violation with a $75 fine. 

Lifestyle consequences 

While fines may be frustrating, they are often not the only consequences of moving violations. Traffic tickets may increase car insurance costs as well. As Forbes points out, even a single citation for distracted driving may increase insurance premiums by a significant amount. 

A license suspension due to multiple violations or points accumulation may create serious issues in an individual’s daily life, making it harder to get to school or work. Numerous moving violations may even put an individual’s job at risk, especially if he or she works in any industry that requires in-depth background checks or security clearances.