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Statewide blitz targeting DUI drivers results in many arrests

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2020 | Drunk Driving Defense |

It is not uncommon for law enforcement in Illinois and across the nation to have periodic enforcement periods in which they target drivers who might be under the influence. While this strategy is designed to improve safety on the road and catch drivers who are committing DUI, it does not necessarily mean that everyone arrested on these charges is guilty. In fact, since law enforcement is specifically looking for DUIs, it is possible that they are overzealous in their efforts.

Campaign leads to 26 DUIs and 68 alcohol, drug and warrant arrests

The Illinois State Police set out on what was referred to as “Saturation Saturday” to catch drivers who were committing alcohol and drug violations behind the wheel. Along with local law enforcement, the blitz lasted for 10 hours. Troopers made 26 arrests for DUI. They also arrested 68 people for having an open container in the vehicle while driving, drug possession and for warrants. The enhanced enforcement was part of a campaign promoted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). The idea is to dissuade drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs and to emphasize the importance of safety for themselves and others.

Understanding the negative consequences of a DUI conviction

People who are arrested and charged with DUI are undoubtedly aware that they can face legal consequences. Frequently, the personal consequences are ignored, but can be severe on their own. A driver’s license suspension, jail time and fines are possible penalties for a conviction. Also, people may deal with increased insurance rates, the DUI on their record negatively impacting their ability to get certain jobs, and other challenges. There are various avenues to combat a DUI charge and other criminal allegations related to alcohol. It is wise to consider them when lodging a defense.

Legal assistance can be crucial when facing DUI charges

Law enforcement generally has certain legal requirements when it investigates an alleged DUI and makes an arrest. For example, the breathalyzer must be properly calibrated to get an accurate result. Other protocol must be followed and there could be a reasonable excuse for why the driver appeared to be under the influence. Scrutinizing the evidence and finding reasons why the charges are invalid is just part of a comprehensive defense. It might be possible to get the charges reduced or be acquitted. This is especially true after an arrest was made during an aggressive DUI campaign. Consulting with a firm experienced in DUI defense can analyze the case and help with fighting it.