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Bloomington man arrested, jailed on burglary charges

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Home security systems may not always prevent a burglary or other crime, but these systems often provide convincing evidence that the prosecutor can use at trial. A home security system may have recorded crucial evidence in connection with a recent burglary attempt in Bloomington, Illinois.

The incident

Two residents living in the 700 block of West Mulberry Street were awakened when their home security system signaled that an unidentified person was in their home. The Bloomington police were summoned, and they used a video recording made by the home security system to determine that suspect had stolen a laptop computer and other personal items, including the family’s motor vehicle.

A neighbor in the same block also told police that someone had attempted to steal their motorized bicycle. Using the video surveillance, police were able to identify and arrest the suspect. He was jailed and charged with residential burglary, burglary, criminal trespass to a vehicle, as well as resisting and obstructing a peace officer. His arraignment is scheduled for October 22.

Next steps

If the suspect in this case intended to retain a criminal defense attorney, he must act soon. The suspect will be expected to enter a plea to the charges made against him, and any delay in retaining counsel will limit the lawyer’s opportunity to evaluate the evidence and plan a defense strategy. In addition, a competent defense lawyer will be able to provide an assessment of the likelihood of defeating the existing charges or obtaining an acceptable plea agreement.