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Two teenagers arrested in Springfield for drug and gun charges

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Drug Crimes |

When authorities are alerted of a possible crime, it is possible that law enforcement could suspect other crimes being committed once the suspect is located. Whether it is during a traffic stop or a call to possible gunfire, police may find evidence that leads to a search of personal property. If this search uncovers illegal substances, suspects could be arrested for drug crimes on top of the original crime he or she was accused of.

Drug crime allegations

Based on recent reports, two teenagers were arrested for the possession of drugs, gun and body armor. The arrests occurred after officers in Springfield responded to a Shotspotter alert. When law enforcement arrived at the 1800 block of Johnson Park, which was the area of the alert, they located an 18-year-old male and 16-year-old male along with several spent shell casing. Officers also located what they suspected to be cannabis.

Because of these findings, officers conducted a search of the residence in question. This resulted in police recovering a .40 caliber pistol, 9mm pistol, roughly 14 grams of methamphetamine, ecstasy pills, body armor, 84 grams of cannabis as well as a digital scale.

Drug charges and defense options

The two were arrested for charges for the manufacturing and delivery of cocaine, possession of a firearm, having no FOID and the manufacturing and delivery of cannabis. I tis not clear if the individuals face additional charges and whether the minor suspect was charged differently than the adult suspect.

When an individual is charged with a drug crime, it is important to fully understand the situation. There are elements for the crime to be proven, and if the accused can challenge the evidence collected, it is possible to reduce the charges or dismiss them entirely. Thus, it is imperative to look at the search and seizure of items and whether the proper steps were taken from beginning to end.

Facing a drug charge is a serious situation. No matter the substance or an amount, it is important for the accused take action to protect their rights. By asserting a strong criminal defense, one can understand their defense options, take action and protect their rights. As a result, the accused could face reduced charges or even have some or all of them dismissed.