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Three men facing drug and weapons charges after home searched

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2021 | Drug Crimes, Weapons Offenses |

Our readers likely know that homes usually cannot be searched without law enforcement officials first obtaining a search warrant. However, what may come as a surprise to many people is that the circumstances that allow law enforcement officials to obtain such a warrant can vary widely.

For example, according to a recent report, a home in Springfield was recently searched after law enforcement officials responded to the home on an attempt to arrest a suspect. The report indicates that the law enforcement officials responded to the home, located the suspect they were seeking, but then also saw a firearm in the home. On that basis, apparently, the law enforcement officials were able to obtain a search warrant for the residence. In the ensuing search, they reportedly located two more firearms as well as illegal drugs that were alleged to be “crack” cocaine.

In addition to the original suspect they sought, the law enforcement officials ended up arresting two other individuals as well. It appears that all three of the suspects will now face firearms and drug charges in the aftermath of the search and the arrests.

What are your defense options?

In situations like this, defendants are usually left to wonder what options they have. At our law firm, we understand that the legal “technicalities” of searches and arrests are not common knowledge, and we do our best to help our clients assess their options in the aftermath of an arrest. Constitutional rights must be protected. For more information, please visit the drug charge overview section of our law firm’s website.