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Defendants’ options in a domestic violence case

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Criminal Defense, Violent Crimes |

If police get contacted about a family fight or argument between two people in a relationship, there is always a chance that a Springfield-area resident can wind up facing a charge related to domestic violence.

Domestic battery is a separate criminal charge in Illinois. It can apply to just about any type of physical contact with a person who is a family or household member.

In the world of domestic battery, who is a family or household member in Illinois is broad. Family and household members include former spouses and many former and current romantic partners.

Those with no criminal history will most likely face a misdemeanor form of this charge. Still, jail time and fines are a possibility.

Even if jail is off the table, an accused person may still have to serve time on probation and follow strict, and often expensive, probation terms.

Depending on one’s circumstances, there may be other reasons to fight a domestic battery charge, even if the prosecutor seems to be offering a good deal.

After court, a domestic battery conviction can impact people in many ways

It is surprising how a domestic battery conviction can affect an Illinois resident.

Domestic battery convictions have long-lasting consequences even for people who made a one-time mistake.

For example, federal law prohibits people with misdemeanor domestic violence convictions from owning or possessing firearms. This is true even if there is no civil protection order in place.

Immigrants may face deportation after a conviction for domestic battery.

Single parents might have a harder time getting time with their children or participating in their children’s lives. Family law courts can restrict these rights after a parent gets convicted of a domestic battery, even if children were not involved in any way.

Many jobs and professions close their doors to those who have any history of violence, including a domestic battery.

Even with a good plea bargain, a Springfield resident accused of domestic battery has a lot to lose. They may want to consider other options besides just pleading guilty to the charge.