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What are some other reasons people fight tickets?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Traffic Ticket Defense |

People who live in the Springfield area or who are just passing through might wind up with a traffic ticket. In most cases, traffic tickets seem relatively easy for police to write and prosecutors to prove.

Especially if someone does not live around Springfield, fighting the ticket might seem hardly worth it, at least at first glance. They may choose to pay a fine without fully understanding how a traffic ticket can affect them.

  • The fines for traffic tickets are not cheap. Furthermore, one also has to count the cost of paying higher insurance premiums for a few years.
  • Illinois’ points system for drivers is pretty strict. In many cases, even 1 traffic violation can put an Illinois motorist in danger of a license suspension. For example, going more than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit or running a red light puts someone in danger of a suspension for 2 months.
  • Many people can lose their jobs over a traffic ticket. Commercial drivers have to take most all traffic tickets seriously. However, many other people also have to drive as part of their jobs. A license suspension for whatever reason can be a disaster, and even a poor driving record can hurt a person’s job opportunities.
  • After an accident, admitting to a traffic violation can mean that someone injured in the accident will claim that the ticket proves the person who received it is responsible for their injuries.

There are legal options for people who receive tickets in the Springfield area

Traffic citations are not open-and-shut cases for the authorities. They still have to prove their case, and defenses are available.

Sometimes, the best strategy might be for a driver to admit to a charge that will have fewer long-term consequences for them. But this isn’t always the best option.

Especially given the possible consequences, someone in the Springfield area who is facing the prospect of traffic court should understand their legal options.