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What happens when a valid prescription leads to drug charges?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Drug Crimes |

Rather than taking illegal substances, your recent drug charges stemmed from a valid medication. Do you understand why this happened?

The Recovery Village explains how taking a prescription medication in the wrong place at the wrong time could lead to a misunderstanding with the police. Learn how to build a defense against what may be unfair charges.

Carrying pills in an improper container 

At the time of your arrest, were you carrying pills in a toiletry bag, your pocket, a non-medical device or a similar container? Without a prescription bottle with a proper label, law enforcement does not know whether the pills you had on your person were legally yours. You may have heard the officer say something about improper storage of prescription medication, which is a misdemeanor offense that could result in jail time and fees.

Carrying pills in an unlabeled bottle

Even if you transport pills in a standard pill bottle, it must have a proper prescription label with your name, identifying information, the name or your prescription, your pharmacist’s name and the prescription expiration date. This is the most favorable way for officers to know for sure that the pills belong to you and that you can legally take them.

Carrying someone else’s pills

Were you caught with someone else’s prescription medication? Even if you intended to take the medication for its intended purpose rather than for recreation, you can still face legal penalties if police catch you with a friend or family member’s prescription.

Do any of the above scenarios sound familiar? Depending on the grounds for your arrest, your doctor or pharmacist could help you mount a legal defense.