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Protecting Your Rights After A DUI Arrest

Whether or not you gave any thought to the possibility of being pulled over in traffic by police after a “happy hour” or office party, it’s happened now. It’s reality, your “new normal,” and only one person can protect you from being defined by it – an experienced, skillful DUI defense lawyer.

In Springfield, the lawyer who fights to help you retain your driver’s license, driving privileges and ability to get to your job, and to keep you out of jail, is yours truly — W. Scott Hanken.

My W. Scott Hanken, Attorney at Law, law firm conducts in-depth investigations into the circumstances leading to your apprehension, police arrest procedures on the scene and the nature of the charges against you. My goal in every case is to put you back on the road as swiftly as possible, so you can resume a normal life.

30 Years Of DUI Defense Experience On Your Side

I am well aware of the many ways that a drunk driving stop can go wrong for authorities, and later work in your favor at administrative hearings. These include:

  • Inclement weather
  • Engine malfunction in your vehicle
  • Side effects of prescription medicine usage
  • Dangerous, poorly marked roads

You can look to my aggressive law firm for thoroughly researched findings, creative legal strategies and attentive personal service throughout the process. For three decades I have been proud of my consistent accessibility to my clients’ suggestions, concerns and questions.

This Is Your Chance To Speak With A Former Prosecutor

I know what it’s like to prosecute a drunk driving case from the government side. Now I use that knowledge to your benefit. To arrange an initial consultation and discuss a course of action, call  217-718-4951 or reach me by email. I respond promptly to all after-hours messages.