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Drunk driving charges following a birthday party

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2019 | Drunk Driving Defense |

For many people, birthdays are a big deal. Often, people have parties with their friends and family members to celebrate another year of life and welcome the next year. Many people also choose to drink alcohol at their birthday party, or they may not have been planning on drinking, but a friend provided mixed drinks. Unfortunately, this can be problematic when it comes to driving, and some people are pulled over after having too many drinks—which can absolutely shatter birthday celebrations.

If you were recently pulled over for DUI on your birthday, you may be trying to process many different issues. You could be struggling with judgment from your relatives and friends, and you may be very worried about your future. These charges usually lead to a lot of uncertainty and many people have no idea of what to do next when they find themselves in this position. However, keeping your focus is paramount.

The way you approach your DUI case could have a major impact on you in the coming year and for the rest of your life. Your career, your social life, your finances and even your driving privileges can all be impacted by the outcome of a drunk driving case. If there are any details to uncover that could affect the outcome of your case, identifying them and taking the correct approach is paramount.

Sometimes, people need a few days to calm down after being pulled over for drunk driving, which is understandable. However, do not wait too long to take a careful look at your case.