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Why you shouldn’t talk to the police during an investigation

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

If you’re under investigation for committing a violent crime, then your freedom and your future is on the line. The pressure of this reality can be crushing, and it might drive you to act in a way that seems beneficial but actually turns out to be harmful to your criminal defense. This includes voluntarily talking to the police.

When you’re under suspicion form criminal wrongdoing, it might be tempting to contact investigators to try to set the record straight and clear yourself of any suspicion, but this is extremely dangerous.

Reasons why you shouldn’t talk to the police if you’re under investigation

To protect yourself as much as possible, you should probably avoid talking to the police unless advised otherwise by your attorney. Here’s why:

  • The police can lie to you about evidence they have against you, simply to get you talking.
  • The police might intimidate you or threaten criminal charges against your loved ones to try to get you to confess to the criminal act in question.
  • The police can misconstrue what you’ve said to paint you in an unfavorable light that makes you look guilty.
  • You might inadvertently misstate a fact that the police can then use to attack your credibility.
  • The police might inaccurately recall what you said.
  • The police might not advise you of your rights.
  • The police aren’t able to offer you any sort of plea deal that you might be looking for.

Protect your interests throughout your criminal proceeding

A single misstep during your criminal case can lead to horrible outcomes for you and your family. To keep that from happening, think of how you can build the aggressive criminal defense arguments best aimed at destroying the prosecution’s case. By doing so, you’ll hopefully be able to beat the charges levied against you and salvage your future.