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Alternative sentencing options for drug cases in Illinois

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Drug Crimes |

The impact of a drug case on an accused individual can be significant. To prevent the entire course of the accused individual’s life from changing and being derailed because of a drug arrest, accused individuals should be familiar with criminal defense options and alternative sentencing options.

Alternatives to time behind bars

It is important for accused individuals facing drug charges to be familiar with the different options available to them including the Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities (TASC) program. The TASC probation program allows for the expungement of the accused individual’s arrest at the end of their program once they complete the program.

Options such as the TASC program and drug court allow the accused individual to receive the drug treatment they need in place of incarceration and the other downsides that potentially come with that and may also be able to help them avoid a criminal record which can impact their ability to obtain housing, a job or even education further down the road.

Other possible sentencing option alternatives that may be available to those accused of a drug crime in Illinois can include first time-offender probation, the impact incarceration program or drug court options. It may also be possible to seek a plea arrangement or other options that can lead to probation. Criminal defense options provide avenues for the accused individual to challenge the legality or the charges they are facing or the alleged facts and evidence being used against them.

There are different criminal defense rights, protections and options available to accused individuals. For that reason, those facing the severity of drug charges should be familiar with all of them so they can determine which is the best option and course of action for them to pursue when facing drug charges.